Frequently Asked Questions

To save you time and for convenience, we have included a list of the most commonly asked questions.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us

Can I put my child on the waitlist if they are not born yet? How long should I expect to wait for a place?

Yes you can complete a wait list application with us for a small fee. The wait list depends on the room, days and your timing. We stay in touch with our parents each month and offer out places as they arise.

How long do I have to decide if I would like to accept an enrolment offer?

At the official offer times which is usually August if you are requiring a January / February start then all families have two weeks. If it is during the year we can hold a position for up to a few weeks.

Is there a minimum number of days required for enrolment?

No but we highly recommend at least two or more days for your child’s security, familiarity and to grow relationships with their carers and other children.

Is there an orientation program for new children and parents?

Yes and you will handed all these forms on enrolment. We start with an hour or so leading up to a lunch and sleep session. For insurance coverage you are charged at an hourly arte less any rebates you are entitled to. Orientation is an important aspect of the journey and we advise at least three sessions if time permits.

What happens if my child is sick?

Please call us or email if your child will be absent. We have health policies which are handed to you at enrolment. If they fall sick during the day you will be immediately contacted. Be assured your child’s health will be monitored. We are very luck to have a medical centre next door and a resident Dr that visits weekly (update: currently on extended leave). All immunisations can be given on site.

What are the educator to child ratios?

1:4 under 3 years and 1:15 over 3 years. At times the centre operates at a higher educator to child ratio and we have floating relieving staff where required.

Do you provide programs that will prepare my child for school? Do you have a Kinder Program?

Yes. We have a registered Kinder Program and we do school readiness and school transition reports before each child leaves our service. Many schools even visit your child at our service.

What is included in the daily fee?

Morning Tea, Lunch , Afternoon Tea and Snacks , Milk, (cow or soy) Sunscreen, Extra Curriculum Programs, Incursions, Doctor Service

How are fees charged and paid?

Accounts are emailed monthly and families can choose their method and frequency of payment. Families can have the centre receive their rebates or it can go to their own accounts. A bond is charged initially to secure your place. Your initial bond is refundable once care has begun and the required four weeks notice is given to the centre when childcare is no longer required.

Am I eligible for the Childcare benefit and childcare Rebates?

All families are eligible for the rebate if they are working, studying or looking for work. All families must apply for the Benefit to enable them to receive the Rebates. Families can have the centre receive their rebates or it can go to their own accounts.

How do I visit the centre and enroll my child?

Please contact (03 98828744) or email the centre for an appointment. We do show through’s each morning between 9.30 – 10.30am. At enrolment all paperwork will be given to families. A bond secures your booking which will be explained at this appointment.