Extra Curricular Activities

The centre provides extra curricular activities on a weekly basis. These programs are planned and presented by qualified external educators, and are delivered in accordance with the Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework. All sessions are run in your child’s room and are incorporated into your child’s learning journey from birth to kinder.

The service looks to new and different options throughout the year.

Hey Dee Ho Music

Hey Dee Ho brings along an assortment of puppets, instruments and fun songs to incorporate into the weekly program. The songs and activities are presented in themes so as to maintain a balance between music and drama to maximise interest for the children. The musical activities help to develop the children’s fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness and language skills.

Techno Corner

Techno Corner is a program that specifically caters for kinder age children. There are many activities of varying difficulties to challenge and amaze the children that are aligned with the particular learning program occurring in the room. The children may also access the touch screen computer throughout the rest of the week to use in a less structured setting.

Fun Key Yoga

Designed to develop balance, strength and coordination, and to engage children both physically and mentally, Fun Key Yoga is an animated and fun yoga program that uses music and storytelling to take children on a magical journey around the world. They learn about different places and animals while developing a better body awareness and gaining the initial tools for better concentration, coordination and balance.


Jumparoo focuses on educating the children about their bodies, looking after the environment, and exploring different cultures through music and dance. All classes have exciting themes and songs engaging the children through finger-plays, music games, make believe adventures, and gymnastics. All activities help the children develop rhythm, timing, balance, beat, coordination and agility. Plus, it’s lots of fun and laughs for the children, enabling them to express themselves freely!

Language Lessons

The children in our toddler and kinder groups are learning Mandarin through theme-oriented lessons that incorporate games, storytelling, role-playing, singing, movement and brain-flexing activities. Learning another language is an enormously rewarding experience and an essential life skill our children need to live and work in a global society. The Mandarin program is linked to the centre’s learning outcomes and is supported by our educators throughout the week.


We understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how sports provide a balance between physical and mental fitness.  We have engaged the services of Sportsbuzz who take the children in our toddler and kinder groups through their paces. Their focus is on providing a fun, educational approach to gross-motor development through independence, self-confidence, perseverance and team work.


We have been given this great opportunity for the kinder children to become connected with the wider community.  Children have the opportunity to participate in regular outings at Mary Mackillop’s aged care facility in Camberwell, alternating days every month. The children are able to come together to socialise and have fun by participating in a variety of experiences whilst they attend the aged care facility such as story reading, bubble fun and singing songs.  This gives the children and the older residents something to look forward to each month, while also building strong connections and relationships.

Organised Learning Activities

At Camberwell Junction Early Learning Centre, we plan different educational activities to make learning even more fun and experiential for the children.

Here are some of the incursions provided by the centre:

  • Chicken hatching program
  • Eye dog / Pet loyalty
  • Dental visits
  • Reptile encounter
  • Music and theatre performances
  • Christmas get together
  • Christmas in July
  • Grandparents & special friends’ day
  • Various parent activities
  • Celebration of major public events – Grand Final week, Chinese New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Australia Day, Olympics, Halloween, and Sports Day
  • Christmas in the park in December
  • NAIDOC Day
  • Letterland – By using Pictogram characters, Letterland brings each letter of the alphabet alive, helping children to understand how it works. Letterland emphasises on language, reading, spelling, early creative writing, phonic skills and phonemic awareness.

For more information, please contact us or you may request an appointment.